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About Data-Driven VC

It's never been *easier* to leverage data & AI for investing – and that's a great thing!

But the landscape is becoming noisy. Investment firms are window dressing as they face growing struggles to find the right tools, data, and people to transform their operations. Seeking to fix the gap with external solutions, “Investment Tech” has seen great momentum with tens of new tools evolving every quarter.

As result, most investment firms struggle to solve the make vs buy question, find the right data and tools, attract and retain the technical talent for implementation, and generate the right insights from the data to become more efficient, effective, and inclusive. You’re not alone.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help you cut through the noise. So, every week, we dive into different parts of the investor stack and share valuable insights from the data.

Our Beliefs

We’re strong believers in open-source which is why we share our learnings as transparent as possible with the community. To progress on our journey together, learn from each other, and make startup investing more successful.

Our Approach

Startup investing is more art than science, they said.

But technology is here to change this. Data-driven innovation and AI allow investors to collect data at scale, processes it consistently and without bias, and enable humans to make better decisions while spending more time with what actually matters: Finding and supporting the most visionary entrepreneurs.

Driven by this ambition, I conducted my PhD on “Machine Learning and the Value of Data in Venture Capital” and joined Earlybird Venture Capital as an investor in 2018. Since then, I learned the craft of investing and productized what my research. The result is “EagleEye”, a data-driven platform that supports our investment team across sourcing, screening, due diligence, portfolio value creation, exits, and a range of back-office related tasks.

How We Can Help You

There are several different ways and mediums that Data-Driven VC can help you become a better investor – and most of them are completely free.


We have two weekly newsletters designed to help you become a better investor.

Every Tuesday, we publish “Insights” to digest the most relevant startup research & reports, and every Thursday, we publish “Essays” that cover hands-on insights about data-driven innovation & AI in VC.

Follow along to understand how startup investing becomes more data-driven, why it matters, and what it means for you.


Once a year, we publish the Data-Driven VC Landscape to shed light on the state of digitization in venture capital. Who are the most innovative firms? What do their teams look like? Who are the people driving the transformation? What does their tool stack look like? We answer these and many more questions here.

Tools & Products

Access unique products such as the “VC Tool Finder”, the “Database Benchmarking”, AI copilots, automation templates, document templates, and more here.


We host virtual and physical events for our community to exchange learnings and find like-minded peers to get on this journey together.

“The Lab” Community

Our community is the central hub where you can access

  • content such as newsletters, conference recordings, podcasts, and more
  • reports such as the “Data-Driven VC Landscape”
  • tools and products such as the “VC Tool Finder”, the “Database Benchmarking”, AI copilots, automation templates, document templates, and more
  • “Tech in VC” job board
  • channels to discuss with others

Join us here:

Who am I?

My name is Andre - I’m the founder of Data-Driven VC and Partner at Earlybird Venture Capital based in Munich, Germany.

For context, Earlybird VC was founded in 1997 and is a European early-stage VC firm that invests in all development and growth phases of technology companies. With more than EUR 2 billion under management, eight IPOs and 31 trade sales, Earlybird is one of the most established and active venture capital firms in Europe. Within our team, I focus on enterprise software with a particular interest in developer, data and productivity tools, alongside AI-centric products and robotics.

More important for Data-Driven VC though, I have a background in CS and conducted my PhD on the topic of “Machine Learning and the Value of Data in Venture Capital”. Hereof, I started to grow my network of data-driven VCs and researchers, and have been leading Earlybird’s engineering team and the development of our proprietary data-driven platform “EagleEye”.

Get In Touch

Want to talk about some sort of collaboration?

I'm open to opportunities like:

  • Speaking
  • Podcasts
  • Sponsorship
  • Advising

Simply reach out to start the conversation via