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Hello Andre, thanks for the post and the work you are doing with this blog. Since you have mentioned Aleph Alpha a few times in your posts, I looked at their solutions. One thing I noticed is how much less intuitive their Playground is to use compared to OpenAI based solutions such as e.g. ChatGPT or Dall-E.

Is there a plan to establish an easy to use interface for the end consumer by Aleph Alpha, too?

Thank you and kind regards,


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Hi Andre, super interesting. Very eager to build a similar data pipeline for B2B sales funnels. I imagine your funnel can be adjusted for sales quite easily - are you planning to offer this to startups? Cheers, Olli

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Hi Andre, thanks for sharing this great read.

I found out over the years that monitoring LinkedIn post interactions from a small niche of people who notoriously are (or have great networks of) founders/operators/angels has great DF sourcing potential too.

Have you though about how to include those data points in your scraping process too? That might be trickier but love to get your thoughts on that


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